Saturday, March 19, 2011

St. Paul's Community Church, Sugarland Forest Community, Poolesville, MD

An image suggesting The Historical St. Paul Community Church in the Sugarland Forest Community, outside of Poolesville, MD is the ninth image for the Days Of Yore: Montgomery County, MD project.
Part of the Sugarland Ethno History Project

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Where is Sugarland in Montgomery County, MD?  Ever hear of it?

In the 1800s, freed slaves (or former slaves that had found freedom) formed a community of their own.  The Sugarland Community operated as an independent township, with a church, post office, school, and store; a neighbor to the town of Poolesville, MD.

It was and is an important step of the story to what happened after slaves achieved their freedom.  This plot of land was purchased by William Taylor and Patrick Hebron Jr, and John H. Diggs on October 6, 1871.  The price of this land was $25.00

These days, the only real part of Sugarland Forest Community left is the Historical St. Paul's Community Church.  To see a piece of this history, you can visit this church by going to 14730 Sugarland Lane, Poolesville, MD, 20837.

You can find this same information and more from The Sugarland EthnoHistory Project and further writings provided by the Montgomery County Historical Society.

The artist found this site through the Heritage Montgomery website.  Pleased to find such a gem of history, she drove out to the church to take some pictures.  It was a windy day and was able to appreciate the wide open fields near Poolesville in peace.


  1. I love your drawing and the story behind it! Very interesting.