Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Glen Echo Park Yurt, Glen Echo, MD

An image suggesting a Pottery Yurt in the Glen Echo Park, in Glen Echo, MD is the tenth image for the Days Of Yore: Montgomery County, MD project.

Pottery Yurt at Glen Echo Park, Glen Echo, MD

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The National Chautauqua Assembly, an adult education movement that was popular in the late 1800s, began a park in Glen Echo, MD in 1891.  They made the sciences, the arts, languages and literature available to rural communities.

The Glen Echo Park had become an amusement part that provided a pool and carousel and many other options for the local residents until 1968.  Then the National Park Service took over and it is currently run by a non-profit organization.

There are many galleries and art studios on the grounds of Glen Echo Park, including the one in this picture.  This structure (one of six) is a permanent yurt.  Yurts are structures that nomads from Central Asia would occupy.  This particular yurt houses a Pottery Studio.

For further historical information on Glen Echo, please visit their website:

To visit Glen Echo, try visiting their site for directions, hours, and events.  Their address to visit by car is: 7300 MacArthur Blvd. | Glen Echo, MD 20812

There is also a walking tour brochure, created by the non-profit organization, "Glen Echo Park for Arts and Culture, Inc."  Find it here.

For more information on the National Chautauqua Assembly, try searching on Google.  My small bit of information, I found here.

Not only does the Glen Echo Park have yurts, which is a structure found in Central Asia, but they are also art studios.  I even saw another yurt that had grass growing all over the top of the roof.  As an artist, this would be a dream-come-true!  Secluded, peaceful, but nearby other artists, a yurt studio like this would be terrific!

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