Friday, May 20, 2011

Seneca One-Room Schoolhouse, Poolesville, MD

An image suggesting the Seneca One-Room Schoolhouse, in Poolesville, MD is the eleventh image for the Days Of Yore: Montgomery County, MD project.

Seneca One-Room Schoolhouse, Poolesville, MD

Save to foursquare Built in 1865, this Seneca Schoolhouse had only one room.  Going to school here, a child would be in the same classroom with all of the other children attending school, no matter how old they were or what grade they were in.

The children who did attend here, were often the children of the C&O Canal workers.

The Seneca One-Room Schoolhouse is a museum right now.  Children are also able to visit with their classes.  If you and your class visit, the children can pretend that they are living back in the 1880s and are going to school in that One-Room Schoolhouse.  The teacher for the day dresses in a clothes that he or she would have worn back in 1880 and will teach topics that children learned about back then.  They will learn about the foods that the children ate and the games that they played.

This reminded the artist of a one-room schoolhouse, The Stone Schoolhouse, between the towns of Shell and Greybull, Wyoming.   That one-room schoolhouse was old enough to be put on the Historic Registry of Places.  Both of these one-room schoolhouses are now museums.

In order to take a visit to see this Seneca One-Room Schoolhouse yourself, the address and phone number is:

16801 River Road, Poolesville, MD 20837
(301) 972-8588

Open year-round for scheduled school field trips; please see their website or call for details.

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